20 Definitive Reasons Why Parents Should Be Banned From Texting Their Kids

Most parents view their cellphone like cavemen viewed fire- they know that it can be used for something good, but they're not exactly sure how and chances are they'll end up burning something in the process.

While in the past few years most have figure out how to make a phone call, for many parents texting remains a terrifying and alien concept. However, most of them insist on using it to communicate regardless of the fact that they don't know how it works.

Thanks to the glory of the screenshot feature (all taken the iPhone because parents still think Android is a robot), here are the 20 most spectacular parental texting failures.

A lot of words don't mean what they think they mean


They're painfully out of touch


They're a little too persistent...


...sometimes a lot too persistent


They're a little shaky with basic concepts...

NoWayGirl the point of being borderline illiterate


They make unfortunate spelling mistakes...

...incredibly unfortunate spelling mistakes

NoWayGirl  There's no way to block their attempts at humor... Buzzfeed   ...or their insane fan theories Buzzfeed  Autocorrect is their mortal enemy... Buzzfeed  ...with some mistakes turning out much worse than others Buzzfeed Maybe it's because they can't see the screen... Buzzfeed ...or because they literally can't type on it Buzzfeed They accidentally give you way too much information... Buzzfeed ... and sometimes purposely give you way too much information


They don't how the most technology works

Buzzfeed Like, they really don't know how technology works


They have no texting integrity

Buzzfeed  That wasn't cruel. This is cruel For more text message fun, check out the craziest text message sequence of all time.