Two Owls Have An Unbelievable Dance-Off All Caught On A GoPro (Video)

Before leaving for work one morning, wildlife photographer Megan Lopez set up a GoPro camera in her front yard, presumably hoping to catch footage of wild animals that might be roaming around.

Little did she know, her experiment would soon result in an accidental viral video, thanks to a pair of owls and some clever editing by GoPro.

While she was gone, the camera caught footage of two burrowing owls in Lopez's front yard.

Facing the camera, the birds bob and hop around in the grass, and their movements make the pair look like they're competing against each other in a dance-off.

Hilariously, the folks over at GoPro added a hip-hop song to the adorable footage, the beat of which perfectly aligns with the birds' choreography.

The resulting video is so perfect, it's hard to believe it's real. These lil' birds have some seriously sick moves.

GoPro uploaded the video to its YouTube channel just three days ago, and it's already amassed over one million views -- and as soon as you watch it, you'll understand why.

Check it out up top!

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