One Man Asks 200 Women One Simple Question: 'Will You Have Sex With Me?' (Video)

People have always put an incredible amount of effort into getting laid, but you never know exactly how much work you're going to have to put in before things finally come to fruition.

Some people spend years waiting to find that special someone, while other, less discerning individuals take 10 minutes to draft up a Craigslist ad in hopes that literally anyone will respond.

If you're really desperate, sex becomes a numbers game -- if you set your standards low enough, you'll probably be able to get what you're looking for.

While traveling around the world, one man decided to ask 200 women to have sex with him to see just how little effort he could actually put into getting laid.

The resulting video is almost 20 minutes worth of shocked reactions and awkward refusals, although it would be interesting to see how things would change if the man in question was an unquestionable 10 (or if the genders were reversed).

I'd say a .5 percent success rate is nothing to brag about, but considering the stakes and the amount of work involved, I'd also say he was pretty successful.