This Grandpa Is The Most Turnt Up Guy At Any Hip Hop Party He Attends (Video)

By Julian Sonny

There's a turnt up, old, white dude taking over Vine. For those of us who've seen it, we're all asking the same question: Who dat?

Well, thanks to Bay Area rapper Iamsu!, who was the first to share the man's crazy dance moves on his Vine, he's now been identified by his Instagram handle, OG Pollard.

His bio tells us everything we need to know:

That 'Old White Man' taking over every dance floor in the bay area one at a time

Further research reveals his real name is Roger Pollard and, yes, he's the f*cking man.

What's even better is that he's actually earned his nickname and can truly back up his OG status.

When I go back to college with my son, this is the type of father I want to be. Man, my son is gonna be so sick.

If you thought that was awesome, he has a whole collection of awesomeness on his Instagram page.

This man is no fake either. He's the real deal -- a bonafide star -- and poised to appear on an Elite Daily video one day. That's word to TerRio.

Who said you can't turn up while making a terrible meal?

Not this man.

Old Roger really does be going in, though.

Confirmed: He is out here.

You guessed it!

This one is, hands down, my favorite.

Of course, Pollard can Nae Nae!

It's safe to say we'd all be proud to call this man an uncle.

Shout out to uncle, though!