When Asked About Sex After 65 Years Of Marriage, One Guy Tells It Like It Is

While working a wedding, a professional videographer stumbled upon an elderly couple who happened to be in attendance.

After learning they'd been married for 65 years, he decided to ask them for marriage advice and film their responses. It'd make a cute addition to the wedding footage, or so he'd hoped.

In the short clip, the interviewer inquires about the couple's love life, asking if there's still a “spark” after more than half a century of marriage.

Instead of crafting some sugarcoated, romantic lie or even exaggerating, the husband answers truthfully, saying,

I don't think so.

The bluntness of his response is so, so funny in the context of a romantic, lovey-dovey wedding film. I really hope the videographer kept this in the final footage for kicks. If I were the newlywed, I'd think it was hilarious.

Watch the LOL-worthy video above.

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