89-Year-Old Did Stand-Up Comedy For The First Time, And It Was Amazing (Video)

One of the depressing truths about stand-up comedy is people can spend decades performing sets in basement clubs and casinos in towns most people have never heard of, waiting for big breaks that never actually come.

Perhaps knowing this statistical reality, Chuck Esterly decided to take a slightly different (and fairly unconventional) approach to his stand-up career by waiting 89 years before embarking on it.

After taking a class on stand-up at a senior center in Ohio, Esterly performed a seven-minute set at the Go Bananas Comedy Club in Cincinnati. The set was filled with dumb puns, self-deprecation and some of those dirty jokes all old people seem to have memorized.

It's definitely impressive for a first performance -- even if he did take his magnifying glass story from the joke book in every single person's bathroom.