The Official Scripps National Spelling Bee Drinking Game

by Connor Toole

Tonight at 8 pm, ESPN will be airing what is undoubtedly the most anticipated sporting event of the entire year: The Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Over the past few nights, the original field of 281 competitors has been narrowed down to 46 finalists, and tonight they compete in Washington D.C. for the title of Greatest Speller In The World (Under The Age of 16).

Anyone who has seen the spelling bee before knows that it’s one of the most action-packed and drama-filled sporting events ever created. The stakes are high: The winner receives $30,000 in addition to an entire Encyclopedia Britannica set. I don’t need to tell you what a big deal that is.

To add to your viewing enjoyment, I’ve drafted up a drinking game for tonight’s telecast that will ensure you enjoy the spelling bee more than you ever thought possible. If anything on the list occurs during the spelling bee, you should take one sip, unless otherwise noted.

I’ve also provided an additional “Challenge” section at the bottom for more advanced players. Remember: Elite Daily isn’t responsible for your lack of self-control. Enjoy.


The speller is homeschooled

A word has more than two acceptable pronunciations

You question everything you’ve done with your life after seeing a 10-year-old correctly spell a word you’ve never even heard of

The speller has already taken a college class despite still being in middle school

A word contains no vowels (Finish your drink)

The speller’s word has more letters than the number of years he or she has been alive

Someone cries

You say the word, “nerd”

The speller says, “No, wait…” milliseconds after the bell rings

The speller’s placard consists entirely of prime numbers

The speller is able to spell the word without asking for additional information from the judges (Finish your drink)

You ask yourself how Encyclopedia Britannica has managed to stay in business

The speller’s parents look exactly like you expected them to look

You get kind of a creepy vibe from the person reading the words

The speller asks the judge a question he or she has already asked in an obvious attempt to buy time

The speller does that thing where he or she scratches out the word on the back of the placard

Two people are crowned co-champions (Finish your drink and write a strongly-worded letter to Scripps imploring them to fix this broken system)

The champion drops the trophy (Finish your drink and laugh at the tiny child)


You can’t spell the word

You can spell the word (Finish your drink)

A speller is eliminated (Note: You must yell out “DING!” before taking a sip)

You forgot to yell “DING!”

When added together, the numbers on the placard equal a prime number

You cry (Stop drinking. Turn off the TV and go to bed. You shouldn't get that emotional over a spelling bee.)

Photo Courtesy: Fanpop