Oblivious Mom Has No Idea Her Daughter's Wearing An Engagement Ring (Video)

Parents are always oblivious, but this mother takes it to an entirely new (and hilarious) level.

In the video, a newly engaged daughter desperately tries to get her mother to notice her new engagement ring, but it ends up being a lot harder than she thought.

First, the bride-to-be announces she forgot to paint her nails and wiggles her fingers in her mother’s face so she’d see the ring.

The mother notices nothing, and instead, zeroes in on the daughter’s earrings.

As she gushes over the wrong jewelry, the daughter moves her hands to her face, again trying to catch her mom’s attention with the sparkler.

Still nothing.

Finally, after almost 30 seconds of this, the mother sees the engagement ring and totally loses her sh*t. It's clear she's both surprised and elated by the news.

Her reaction is perfect, and the video will make your day.

Check it out up top.