First Osama, Now Waldo: President Obama Is Insanely Good At Playing 'Where's Waldo?' (Photos)

If you turn on any news station today, there's a good chance they will be discussing President Obama and the deadline to sign up for ObamaCare, which technically is midnight tonight. But why talk about ObamaCare when you can talk about ObamaWhere...

What am I referring to? Oh, just the latest Internet meme that has President Obama pointing out the exact locations of Waldo from the "Where's Waldo?" series. Why would anyone care about this? Because it's the Internet; this is all people care about.

Thanks to imgur user Jenkinl1302, we have Obama gold:

There he is!

Can we find Waldo? Yes we can!

If you can find Osama, you can find Waldo...

If only finding Edward Snowden was this easy...

Hey, Waldo! How you doin?

ET, phone home!

You better be eating your vegetables, Mr. Waldo.

Hey Putin, look what I found.

Coochie coochie coo, Mr. Waldo.

Hey Hillary, look what I found!

God bless the Internet.

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