Nobody Thinks About How Awkward Valentine's Day Is For Teddy Bears (Video)

Ignoring the present most people give after everything else on Valentine's Day (staring intently into their partner's eyes while fully clothed), there's a fairly standard trifecta of gifts associated with the holiday: flowers, chocolates and a stuffed animal nobody really wants.

I'd like to say that last one could be a thoughtful gift, but I'd argue that there aren't a lot of people who have any practical use for an oversized forest critter holding a heart.

You might think it's a nice gesture, but you're ignoring the real victim: the teddy bear itself.

Every year, countless people give their girlfriends one of these generic stuffed animals available for purchase, and a staggering number of teddy bears will be subject to abuse you probably didn't even know existed.

Thank God someone finally made a video to raise awareness for this important issue.

If even one bear can be saved from a terrible fate, I'll be able to rest easier.