News Anchor Freaked The F*ck Out Over Coverage Of The Kardashians (Video)

Most families, aside from those with several members elected to public office, aren't as divisive as the Kardashians -- the infinitely popular clan that continues to capture the attention of way too many people for reasons no one can really pin down.

However, I've managed to boil their fame down to a fairly basic formula: One of the Kardashians does literally anything, the trivial action is covered by most major media outlets, people see the story and yell, "WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE FAMOUS AGAIN?" and then that reaction only gives them more attention.

Then, the entire cycle repeats itself until the revolution inevitably begins.

While the uprising may still be a few months away, aptly named FOX 35 anchor John Brown did what he could to aid the start of the resistance by walking off the set when he realized he was going to have to pretend to care about what Kylie Jenner named her rabbit.

Some days, I wish I was as brave as John.