18 Moments That Will Make You Never Want To Take The NYC Subway Again

Taking the train in NYC is a real hit-or-miss situation.

Sure, it'll get you to your desired destination for $2.50, but you never really know what you're going to see/smell/be exposed to down in the city's underworld. No one is safe.

Just ask any New Yorker what the wildest thing he or she ever experienced on a train is; there will likely be a horrible, life-scarring story to share.

There's everything from ratchet fights on the 6 train to "showtime" on the 2 line... Just pray to God you don't get in the same cart as the smelly dude.

More than 4.3 million people take the subway every day, and that's what makes New Yorkers so strong.

They put up with more bullsh*t during their morning commutes than most people put up with in an entire day.

Nothing strikes fear in New Yorkers like a rat on the subway.

Because New York rats are straight up assholes.

Of course, there had to be one guy who put one in his mouth.

Even shoe-licking guy thinks that's gross!

Remember, you never know what people have in their bags.

How the hell did this shark end up here?!

Crowded trains are like a hotbed for fighting.

You'll see some really bizarre fights, too.

The city needs more heroes like Snackman.

This one has a happy ending you'll like.

You'll meet some real thrill seekers on the train...

...and even some real wifey material.

You're less likely to see this...

...than you are to witness this.

This guy seems nice.

And this lady must have woken up on the wrong side of life.

This is the type of shit you see after 3 am.

Twerk it on the subway track so I know it's real.