All About Us: 7 Perks To Being A Generation Characterized By Narcissism

by Rachel Wegner

Millennials are a cursed, lost generation. We're nothing but a bunch of spoiled narcissists. We do not want to deal with reality, and we’ll stay in the Neverland of partying until adulthood knocks on our doors.

Ironically criticized for not being able to handle criticism, we all believe we're unique, and life may disappoint us. But that’s where you are wrong.

The world is actually waiting for us. We are unique, and we deserve special treatment. And if it's not easily handed to us, we will demand it.

Nothing good could come from our generation, but do we actually care? Of course not!

Narcissism comes with a few perks:

1. You will always be loved, by you!

It doesn't matter if the rest of the world hates your guts.

You are a passionate lover, and you don’t have to share. You know your soft spots, and you can hold yourself warm.

You share with yourself the greatest love of all, and that is sufficient enough. Don’t they say most important relationship in life is with oneself?

2. You never feel guilty.

Feelings of guilt are reserved to those who make mistakes. You don’t make mistakes.

You always handle your life correctly. You know what you deserve, and you go after it. If it hurts some people along the way, you're sorry.

Well, you're sorry their skin isn’t as tough as yours.

3. In a world dominated by clones, you are unique.

Everybody else is just copying each other out of insecurity. God, people are so f*cking boring.

You don’t follow trends; you set them. And if you do sporadically follow a trend, you rock it better than anyone else!

4. It's easy to spot flaws on other people if you don’t have any.

Along with this great perfection came the eye to spot other people's flaws. Maybe it's one of the reasons why you never make mistakes. You've already watched others make them for you.

5. It may be lonely at the top, but you’re luckily already in the best company.

Who has time for other people, anyway? Sometimes, you wonder where the morning went, or if you got caught up in your own reflection in the mirror again.

And God, do you have any idea how hard it is to select the best selfie every day, from a (minimal) selection of 100 flawless ones?

6. Sometimes, you do give back to the world. You post a zillion selfies per day!

Just because you suffer from narcissism, which comes with lack of empathy, it doesn't mean you aren't philanthropic.

Giving back to society is a way of feeling how important you are to society, and it feels good. What would Instagram be without your hourly, perfect selfie update?

And who ever said partying too much is a bad habit? Showing up is actually the most generous, selfless thing you can imagine doing.

7. Being the best is simply incredible!

It’s hard to explain. It's one of those feelings you need to experience before you can ever understand, like having a baby or a near death experience.

Just think of the most awesome thing you can imagine, and then 10 times beyond!