This Wrestler Will Not Stop Talking About His Mullet In This Post-Match Interview

Most post-sporting event interviews are exactly the same.

The athlete says a combination of the same exact phrases like "We gave 110 percent" and "We were just able to execute really well" and "I punched good."

You can't really blame the athletes when they have to give interviews about how they won immediately after they've just pushed their bodies to the absolute limit. So, yeah, they revert to canned answers when people put microphones in their faces.

This is not the case for Iowa's own Sammy Brooks, who won the Big Ten wrestling tournament this Sunday.

When asked how the audience support during the match, the 184-pounder said,

I think these fans just respond to a good haircut. So that's what I was working on, coming in here. Just making sure I had it fluffed and feathered-- and I think the fans saw my hard work.

Yeah, every question the interview asked Sammy Brooks was met with a comment about his mullet.


Ladies and gentleman, this is some EXPERT trolling here. He keeps the tone of his voice exactly like athletes have it during these interviews, and he seems 100 percent serious, but every word is about his mullet.

Watch it if you know what's good for you.