18 Cliche Sports Lines To Use At Work When You Have No Clue What To Say

by Adam Silvers
Getty Images

In today's 24/7, inside-access world, it's all about getting up-to-the-second news, in-depth reports and expert analysis -- especially when it comes to sports.

We have reporters covering every inch of the game, from the field to the locker room and everywhere in between.

But what hidden secrets do we really expect to extract from players or coaches when an interviewer tries to catch them running off the field at halftime, heading to the locker room after the second quarter or getting dressed after a post-game shower?

Some players and coaches, like Kevin Durant and Gregg Popovich, literally say nothing when reporters grill them for details, while others, like LeBron James and Peyton Manning, give cliche, ambiguous answers that literally tell us nothing.

But you know what? It's the Peytons and the LeBrons of the sports world who never get in trouble for what they say and manage to keep the attention, for the most part, focussed solely on their in-game performances.

So, applying that logic to the real world, here are 18 cliche sports lines you can low-key tell your boss when you have absolutely no clue.

1. "We have the utmost respect for them."

When you come into the office hungover on Monday and your boss asks you about the competitor company you were supposed to review and analyze over the weekend.

2. "They have unbelievable chemistry."

When your boss wants to know what you think of the new sales team the company hired and you don't even know their names.

3. "It's do or die right here."

When your boss asks what the odds are you make your quarterly revenue goal.

4. "It's all about winning for me."

When your boss asks about your short-term and long-term goals.

5. "We're just taking it one day at a time."

When your boss wants to know how you and your team plan to service existing clients while trying to sign new accounts.

6. "We're just focusing on ourselves right now."

When your boss wants to know why your team is consistently performing at a lower level than every other department in the company.

7. "I just want to thank God."

When your boss wants to know how you managed to sign those two new clients in less than two days.

8. "They have all the right pieces."

When your boss wants you to analyze the startup your company is thinking about purchasing.

9. "She gave 110 percent."

When your boss asks what your co-worker did in order to get through the daunting amount of paperwork that was covering her desk and you barely know where she sits.

10. "Take it to the next level."

When your boss asks how you plan to accomplish the monthly goals you've had at least two weeks to ponder and you didn't even open the email.

11. "No one gave us a chance."

When your boss calls on you for an impromptu pep talk in front of the entire company at happy hour.

12. "We needed this loss to keep us focused on what we're trying to do."

When your boss gets pissed and wants to know how you and your team managed to lose a deal that would've netted a huge payday for the company.

13. "I care about the team first, I'm not concerned with individual honors."

When your boss is trying to pay you a compliment, but you had little to do with the achievement and want to make sure your co-workers get props.

14. "I'm just happy to be here."

When your boss congratulates you, but you're trying to stay (read: appear) humble.

15. "We just need to execute better."

When your boss wants to know why you showed up two hours late more than a few times this month and you don't want to go with the hangover excuse.

16. "At the end of the day, it is what it is."

When your boss is contemplating letting you go and wants to know what you have to say for yourself.

17. "He's a high-motor guy."

When your boss asks you how the new guy is doing in his first week on the job and you've been secretly making fun of him all week instead of introducing yourself.

18. "It's us against the world."

When your boss calls on you at the office holiday party to sum up where the company's been, where it is now and the direction it's heading.

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