12 Moms Who Should Be Banned From Facebook For Embarrassing Their Kids

by Connor Toole

Mothers have been embarrassing their children all the way back to the time Eve licked her finger to clean some mud off Abel's face (Genesis 4:3), and they have been coming up with new and creative ways to mortify their children ever since.

There was once a time Facebook was a place where young people flocked to avoid the parents who were too out of touch to figure out how to use a computer, but as more and more members of the older generation stop being deathly afraid of keyboards, it's no longer a place of refuge.

While many moms have crossed the boundary into social media, far too many of them are unable to actually respect any other boundaries once they decide to start using it. There's an appropriate time for sharing things, and for moms on Facebook, it's "literally all the time."

There's a chance a couple of these posts might be fake, and for the sake of everyone involved, I sincerely hope all of them are.

Many of these awkward situations can be avoided by not posting anything in the first place.

Unfortunately, you can only do so much when you have a mom with a dirty mind and literally zero filter.

And when your mom has less of a filter than a hipster's hand-rolled cigarette, this tends to be a bit of an issue.

Knowing what most moms know about Facebook, there's a very good chance she didn't know that -- at least I hope that was the case.

Each of those things are about equally as uncool.

That's better than discovering you were conceived at a "naked party." Not much better, but still better.

That went from "reasonable" to "NO! STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU FOOL!" so fast I got whiplash while reading it.

I'd say it's nice this mom wanted to make sure her son was keeping up with current events if that current event wasn't Kim Kardashian's naked body.

At least she's supportive?

I'd also say it's nice this mom reached out to her daughter's favorite band if she had stopped after the first comment. 

Moms need loving too. What they don't need is to remind everyone on Facebook of that fact.

To share or not to share? That literally shouldn't be a question.