This Pic Of A Mom Visiting Her Kid At College Went Viral For The Best Reason


Moving out of your college dorm room is about as fun as clearing out a colony of spiders from your hair. So, last week, Utah State University student McKenna Pilling's mom decided to surprise her at college to help her out.

Deanna Pilling showed up to campus ready to help on the day McKenna was moving out, and tried to surprise her by going straight to her daughter's dorm room.

Now, because Deanna is a cool mom who is great with a smartphone, she decided to text her daughter a selfie showing herself in her daughter's dorm room bed -- or, at least, she thought that was what she was doing.

McKenna tweeted out the hilarious picture her mom sent her. Now, it's been retweeted over 12,000 times.

McKenna told BuzzFeed News,

Her mom rushed out of the college dorm room and, mercifully, escaped without further embarrassment. Thankfully, no confused freshman found a middle-aged woman napping in his or her dorm room.

I just want this mom to send out more texts like this, from places she really shouldn't be, like space...


Or the running of the bulls...


Or, you know, "Scream"...


Or open heart surgery...


...or maybe North Korea.


We can only hope Deanna Pilling goes on more adventures. She clearly has what it takes to be a spy.