9 Pictures That Prove 'Mom Logic' Is Truly On Another Level

If the road to Hell is actually paved with good intentions, I'm willing to wager moms have contributed a significant amount to Satan's highway fund throughout the course of history.

It seems like moms are genetically predisposed to perpetually mean well, and even though it's nice to have someone constantly looking out for you, it can start to get a little tiring when they refuse to look anywhere else. Especially when they do so using their own brand of "mom logic."

I can't count the number of times my mom has provided me with truly invaluable guidance in almost every area of life, but I've also lost track of the number of times a piece of advice reminded me being an adult doesn't necessarily mean you know everything about the world.

I'm not trying to suggest dads can't be just as guilty, but it seems like there's something about bringing a child into the world that makes your brain operate using logic only mothers seem to understand.

Laugh if you want -- it gets a lot less funny when you realize this is probably your future.

I can understand the confusion -- beer and Red Bull are both mind-altering beverages with bitter tastes that make teenagers severely overestimate their abilities.

You can never be too careful when it comes to prescription medicine.

Age is just a number until there's a law that makes it a felony.

There's "meaning well" and then there's "hiring a fake girlfriend to take your son's virginity." That's trying a little too hard.


Close enough.

I'd personally go with the premium option and upgrade to Wi-Seven, but I guess such an abrupt transition could be overwhelming for some people.

I've heard people say, "It's not crazy if it works," and this picture proves why that saying is wrong. So, so wrong.

Technology strikes again!

You might laugh, but I'd be more concerned if we lived in a world where you could yell at a computer in a Facebook comment and it actually replies.