Mom Wrongly Accuses Daughter Of Doing Meth But Apologizes With Hilarious Cake

If you ever need someone to forgive you, it's 100 percent more likely to happen if there is a cake involved.

That's what a mom from Alabama obviously thought when she wrote an apology to her daughter on a cake in icing, after accusing her of doing (almost) every drug you can think of.


Rachel Gelmis took a drug test at school, and her mother was told she had traces of THC, cocaine, heroin, meth, benzos and barbiturates in her system.

That time my mom genuinely believed I was doing every drug at once bc my idiot school misread my drug test — rachel (@whxsper) September 24, 2016

Rachel explained in a Facebook post,

I knew this was not true. My mother, on the other hand, believed it.

Understandably, Rachel's mom flipped out. In a subsequent tweet, Rachel wrote,

In the time it took for them to realize they had fucked up, she had an emotional breakdown and started researching different rehab facilities.

Luckily, the school realized its mistake and called to tell Rachel's mom it had misread the test, and that Rachel was actually clear of all traces of drugs.

So, as an apology, Rachel's mom baked her a cake bearing a heartfelt inscription: "Sorry we thought you did meth & coke & pot & heroin."

But it turned out the people who should have been sending over apology cakes (the school) remained silent. Rachel tweeted,

I still to this day haven't gotten any kind of apology from the school. The administrators left me completely alone after that.

Your move, school.