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Here's What Classic Sitcoms Would Be Called If They Were About Millennials

The hashtag #MillennialSitcoms is trending on Twitter, and people are coming up with some straight-up excellent puns for it.

Not sure what most of these would look like, but "Law & Order: STFU" is a show I would definitely watch. I imagine it involves cops going around telling criminals to stop confessing cause it makes it too easy.

I've compiled the best of these tweets below. And I'll be scoring each tweet with a "comedy grade." I will warn you now, I am a very lenient teacher.

And before I begin, I will write my own.

F.R.I.E.N.D.E.D. #MillennialSitcoms

Yeah, that's why I get paid the big bucks, guys. Comedy like that. Go ahead and pick your brain matter out of your cereal bowl, stuff it back in through your ears and get ready for some more.

Comedy Grade: A+

Not technically a sitcom, but you have won me over once again, Joshua.

Comedy Grade: A

This show is also known as "The Olsen Twins."

Comedy Grade: B+

This was quite good, Calvin, but the obvious answer is "Two and a Half Mes."

Comedy Grade: C

Honestly, I'm disappointed in this one, Sharon. Did you even do the homework?

Comedy Grade: A-

Perv, this is simplistic, but nonetheless excellent.

Comedy Grade: B+

Quite good, Sharon. You are getting better. I will be sure to tell your parents.

Comedy Grade: A

An A for content but C for brevity.

Comedy Grade: A+

Damian, once again you are a delight. You look just like your father, but you have your mother's eyes.

Comedy Grade: A

This is some very good work, Brian. I'm sure everyone agrees it makes up for your acne.

Comedy Grade: A-

Nice picture work here, Miss Texas 1967, but I believe you are slightly too old for this class.

Comedy Grade: B-

This is fine, Kesha. You're very boring.

Comedy Grade: A

Would have been an A+, but you explained the joke to the nerds.

Comedy Grade: C+

I hated this, but you fulfilled the assignment.

Comedy Grade: A-

Kesha, huge improvement. Excellent.

Comedy Grade: A+

Guapo, you're my best student by far.