This Might Be The Most Elaborate Tinder Prank Ever Pulled Off (Photos)

Tinder is primarily used by people who want to have sex, but the app has also proven to be invaluable for another purpose: messing with people.

We've showcased our fair share of Tinder pranks on Elite Daily -- from frozen yogurt dates that never existed to spoiling "Game of Thrones" for unsuspecting matches -- but this newest stunt might be one of the more impressive pranks I've ever seen.

It opens with a question that could also be the plot of an underwhelming movie starring someone like Ryan Reynolds or Cameron Diaz: If a rich person offered you $200,000 to help him fulfill his fetish, would you accept the offer?

In this case, the fetish requires you to sexually please a person who the man personally selects and tell the mysterious benefactor how you managed to get your arranged partner off.

One woman on Tinder decided to play along, and what ensued was one of the more elaborate pranks I've ever seen.

The conversation between her and a supposed intermediary (who gets $10,000 for his troubles) isn't a quick read, but it's filled with more twists and turns than the aforementioned hypothetical movie if it somehow made it past pre-production.

The day after, one of the roommates matched with the same guy, who came clean and tried to use Tinder for it's intended purpose