People Keep Photoshopping This Picture Of Michael Bublé Eating Corn

by Connor Toole

Over the past couple of decades, Canada managed to unleash both Nickelback and Justin Bieber onto the unsuspecting citizens of the world. That would be a series of transgressions practically unforgivable if it wasn't for the country's most impressive export: Michael Bublé.

If you're unfamiliar with the Canadian crooner, he can best be described as "Rick Astley, but cooler" or "Frank Sinatra if Frank Sinatra had smoked a ton of weed instead of drinking too much."

I don't want to imply Michael Bublé took advantage of California's medicinal marijuana program before hitting Disneyland earlier this week, but I certainly wouldn't be surprised if he was happier than normal in The Happiest Place On Earth based on how he tried to consume a piece of corn he purchased while there.

The image is funny enough on its own. But, it got even more enjoyable once a bunch of people with Adobe Photoshop and some of extra time got their hands on it.

Crisis averted!

That's convenient!

I've seen actual porn that was less explicit than this.

He's still trying to understand certain American traditions.

It's still less disturbing than the original.

Monty Python meets Michael Bublé.

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