Women In Miami Are Using Actual Vacuums To Get Big Booties (Photos)

by Connor Toole

A few years ago, a "doctor" in Miami got in a little bit of trouble after giving a woman butt injections with a patented mixture of cement, tire sealer, and superglue (in fairness, there was also a little bit of mineral oil thrown in there somewhere).

As you can probably guess, it's normally not a good idea to put any of that stuff into your body, so the city's residents have been forced to seek out alternate methods for enhancing their posteriors.

If Sculpting Goddess is any indication, one of those methods involves attaching suction cups to your butt.

Dubbed "vacuum therapy," the procedure costs $60 and claims to be perfect for people who are concerned about "eliminating toxins" and those interested in a procedure that "raises, enlargens (?) and reaffirms the gluteus."

Not convinced? I'll let you take a fairly NSFW look for yourself.

It looks about as ridiculous as you think

Everyone knows butt vacuuming is an essential part of #TurnUpTuesday

But it does produce results

Those results may vary

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