Lifestyle — Why Everything Is F*cked Up When Mercury Is In Retrograde

The struggle is astronomical.

Just went on a weird date? Got in an unnecessary fight with a friend? Don't be so hard on yourself: Mercury is now officially in retrograde.

Not only is Mercury in retrograde, but today it is in its intensified phase. Thanks a bunch, Taurus.

So what does all this mean? Everything will be f*cked up. Your communication, transportation and decision making will all be impaired.

There is never a sure way to know Mercury is in retrograde -- just know that it is. Maybe you suspect the pizza guy is cheating on you, maybe you start blaming climate change on yourself, maybe tiny spoons start making you sad when you realize they are just tiny shovels for your mouth.

There's not much you can do except ride the waves and hope you don't get hurt when they crash. You just have to hang in there until June 7, when Mercury is completely out of retrograde. In other words, be ready for a real f*cked up spring.

This week's "Generation whY" is here to remind you sometimes, you have something to blame when things aren't going as planned.

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