Melania Trump's Hilarious Tweets Are Low-Key The Best Things You'll Ever Read


Melania Trump made headlines last week when a section of her speech was clearly plagiarized from a speech given by Michelle Obama years ago. The alleged speech writer admitted to the plagiarizing, but claimed it was accidental. And Melania continues to insist that she had not known about it.

Regardless, Melania has been thrust into the public eye. And, because I am an important journalist, I decided to aimlessly scroll through her Twitter while eating my lunch and trying not to fall asleep. What I found there absolutely delighted me.

Melania Trump's Twitter feed is extremely weird and tremendously fascinating.

It's hard to tell what percentage of her peculiar idiosyncrasies can be attributed to her foreignness, or to her living the life of an actual queen, or to her just genuinely being an odd person, but whatever the proportions, it's highly entertaining.

Some of her posts are exactly as confusing as they are intriguing.

Sometimes, the posts are oddly poetic.

And sometimes they are terrifying...

...stop fucking staring at me, duck.


This is one of my favorites.

But as I scrolled through these, I began to pick up on a weird pattern: She takes the same photographs over and over — most notably, pictures taken out of plane windows.

Seriously, this makes up like 65 percent of her Twitter.

There is literally an endless number of pictures that look exactly like this.

And when it's not photographs of her looking out of plane windows, it's just pictures of the inside of the plane.

Honestly, guys, I'm beginning to get really worried that Donald Trump makes Melania live in a plane.

The next thing really specific thing that I noticed (because I have absolutely too much time on my hands) is that she can't stop taking pictures of beads of rain on windows.

It's her favorite thing (after, of course, literally anything to do with planes).

Again, this entire article could just be 100 more pictures exactly like this.

And this.

And this.

And this.

Also, if you go back only a few years, you see Donald Trump when he was still just a guy on a reality show.

But most wonderful of all, considering what happened last week, is this unfortunate exhibit from the social media archive.

Speak for yourself, indeed.

OK, I've been looking at Twitter for absolutely too long. You know what they say, when you stare into the Twitter void, the Twitter void stares back at you — and then says something homophobic.