You Probably Won't See Any Man Ever Wearing This Cashmere Mini Dress

by Connor Toole

My knowledge of the world of high fashion comes exclusively from watching "The Devil Wears Prada" more time than I'm comfortable saying, so I admit I don't fully understand the hype (and most of the outfits) on display at New York Fashion Week.

One of those outfits is a "deconstructed cashmere mini-dress with matching leg warmers" that was worn by a couple of models at Telfar's NYFW show last Sunday.

This isn't something I'd normally care about, but this kind of outfit isn't typically worn by men:

The designer who put on this show has a history of toying with gender norms, so I know he was more concerned with reactions than potential sales when designing this particular piece.

That doesn't mean I can't laugh at it.

I should stress that I'm not making fun of the message behind the outfit -- rather, I'm laughing at the image of two male models crammed into tiny dresses and walking down the runway.

If you can't find the humor in that, I don't know what else to tell you.

Considering the outfit is made entirely of cashmere, I'm also assuming it's more comfortable than anything I'll ever be able to afford and anyone who wears it is more comfortable with himself than I'll ever be.

Really, I'm just jealous that I can't get away with wearing a cashmere mini-dress.

Maybe someday, but probably not.

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