Reported Criminal Hides From Police Officers Directly Over Their Heads (Photo)

When you've seen as many episodes of "COPS" (all of them) as I have over the years, you learn people running from the police will do whatever they can to get away, and that includes hiding in the some of the worst spots known to man.

On the show, I've seen criminals (who are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law) cower in the back of closets, burrow into the bushes, climb into ceiling tiles and hide underneath beds, mattresses and blankets to avoid getting caught by the cops.

Some people even try the "hide in plain sight" strategy, but it's not normally very successful.

However, one man on the run from police in Michigan decided to try it out, and based on this picture, it worked a lot better than it ever should have.


The picture was snapped in Grand Rapids, Michigan on July 31 after 25-year-old Edward Martin opened and quickly closed the front door on police officers responding to a domestic disturbance at the house.

Martin was able to elude police for a few minutes, but using highly advanced eye technology, the officers waiting outside of the home spotted Martin and told their colleagues where to find him.

He was then charged with resisting and obstructing police.