Guy Hilariously Annoys Sister By Lip Syncing For 7 Hours In The Car (Video)

That girl is NOT having any of this.

In any family, there are two kinds of people:

  1.  Those who sit quietly and grit their teeth through long road trips
  2. Insufferably loud monsters who seemingly live for being annoying when the family has to get in a car and drive somewhere far away

I, personally, was the latter of the two, and that is probably why I love everything happening in the video.

Brian Anderson, a 911 dispatcher for the San Diego Fire Department, turned being a terrible car person into an art form. An ungodly, annoying art form.

It's honestly beautiful what he's been able to accomplish with just a radio and God given lip-syncing talent.

Anderson is a king, and this video from a seven-hour trip he took with his sister is a clinic on how to get on his awful level.

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