The Loud Challenge Has Daring People Smoking Weed In Public Places

By Julian Sonny

There was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; then we had the Fire Challenge, but now, I introduce you to the latest viral sensation hitting the Web and the youth of America: the Loud Challenge!

If you don't know what loud is, it's a very distinct strain of weed. No, it's not kush, nor is it purp.

It's not quite reggies, and it's certainly not a hybrid.

The premise is simple -- smoke loud in public places, like a mall or an airport, don't get arrested and post it to YouTube afterward.

No matter what city you're from, you can usually cop loud "uptown" and they're typically served in little baggies called "packs."

According to Urban Dictionary, these "loud packs" are simply "a strong smelling bag of marijuana."

Two things separate the Loud Challenge from any other one that's preceded it: A) It's illegal, and B) It's lit. Literally!

Check out this dude strolling around Walmart with the L. Now, that's hotboy.

This has, of course, always been a cult trend over the years and stoners have been lighting up in public places for quite some time.

However, now that it's starting to catch some wind on social media, we can expect to see even more people taking up the challenge and risking their freedom just to smoke a blunt.

So, what are you waiting for people?