There's A Live Chicken Running This Company's Twitter, And It's Amazing

by Eitan Levine

One company is having a chicken run its Twitter account, and it's cluckin' brilliant.

The term “social media ninja” gets thrown out a lot nowadays -- mostly by soon-to-be failed startup CEOs and my dad recapping a "20/20" report on digital marketing in the modern era -- but how much does a social media manager really matter to a company?

What is the actual ROI on someone whose sole job is posting to Facebook and RTing when Jessica Alba wears or uses a company's product?

One chicken company with a Twitter literally being run by a live chicken is attempting to find out the answer, and so far, the facts don't bode well for all you “social media guru junkies” out there.

Yeah, you watched that right. Betty, who is a chicken, took over @ChickenTreat, the Twitter account for Australian food company Chicken Treat.

Sure, you could put a million monkeys into a room with a typewriter and eventually they'd churn out a rough draft for “King Lear.” But, can one chicken in a room with a keyboard and some feed peck quality social media content that is both engaging and on brand?

We'll let you be the judge of that.

There's a clear use of SEO.

That's B2C marketing at its finest.

This is an amazing example of branded communication.

Betty's clearly using the company's primary message to build audience interaction.

While the main goal here is to set a Guinness World Record by having Betty eventually type an actual word to tweet, the smaller goal could very well be not having to deal with Chicken Treat's friends asking if their cousins' sons can be the company social media interns for college credit.

Sorry, *insert hip, Australian college student's name*, that role is filled by Betty the chicken!


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