Little Girl Running From A Peacock Is All Of Us When Adulting's Hard AF


One little girl found out the hard way that peacocks are scary AF. When one Reddit user, bwaxse, took his or her daughter on a lovely outing to the petting zoo, things took a horrifying turn. Just look at the picture he or she posted...

Our trip to the petting zoo did not go as planned from pics

As you can see, this girl is not a fan of colorful birds. Naturally, when Reddit users caught wind of this hilarious candid shot, they had to jump in with some epic Photoshop edits.

She qualified for the Olympic Trials!


Flipping things around for a change...


This peacock is getting the scary movie poster he deserves.


Winter isn't coming... peacocks are coming!


Which is scarier -- a booby-trapped hallway of death or a peacock?


Okay, this is just plain freaky.


Viral photos on viral photos... But this one actually makes a lot of sense.


Something tells me there has to be a sequel to this "Escape from the Peacock" saga. There are many more creepy animals at the petting zoo after all.

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