Little Girl Lies About Using Mom's Makeup With Lipstick All Over Her Face (Video)

I'd imagine it would be pretty devastating as a parent to catch your children in their first lie. At that moment, they're no longer the innocent dumplings they once were.

Unless that lie is anywhere near as cute as this little girl's.

The toddler had gotten into her mom's makeup bag and, curious, decided to experiment -- even though she knew her mom wouldn't approve. (Apparently, playing with Mommy's makeup is a trend among youngsters).

Unfortunately (for her), the little girl left the evidence all over her chubby mug.

Still, when asked about the makeup, the doe-eyed tot denies, denies, denies... despite having burgundy lipstick smeared from nose to chin.

Mom doesn't seem too amused with her little nugget's lie, but let's be real: A face that cute can get away with anything.

See the hilarious and heart-meltingly adorable clip up top.

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