Try Not To Laugh At This Little Girl Getting Owned By A Water Hose


Laughing at other people's misfortunes is never okay -- unless this particular person is an adorable toddler ignoring her mom, of course!

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Popular Videos, we're introduced to an adorable little girl hanging out in the backyard with her mom and a water hose. Everything's going just fine as she fills up the watering bucket.

If you know anything about the water house out back, you know the water pressure is typically way too strong for its own good and watering anything with it usually results in you being completely drenched or pretending to wrestle a great white.

That's precisely why watching this little girl lift the water hose up to her face is way funnier than it should be. And the funniest part? Her mom agrees. You can hear her in the background, giggling,

That's not gonna be a good idea... I should stop you...

Yeah, for her sake, you should have definitely stopped her, but that wouldn't have been good for the Internet. After blasting herself in the face with the strong AF water pressure, the little girl takes it like a champion and walks it off while her mom chuckles with satisfaction. We're right there with ya, mom!

So far, the video has managed rack up over 120,000 views. The best part? This little girl doesn't even know she's made Internet gold yet.

Check out the video above for a closer look at all of us this summer.

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