Adorable Little Candy Thief Works With Her Mom To Hide The Evidence (Video)

Kids these days thoroughly repulse me. They have no respect for the law, truthfulness, integrity or the delicate fabric that stitched this society of ours together.

Here's a perfect example of just how disingenuous, deceitful and despicable our planet's "small people with tiny, undeveloped brains" (I don't use the word children because it coddles them) have become.

Just look at the French scoundrel in this video. She is hiding beneath a desk, gorging on candy and lollipops, expressly against her father's wishes. It's shameful.

And upon being discovered by her mom, she attempts to use her military-grade cuteness to enlist her own MOTHER in a scheme to deceive her father. It disgusts me.

Watch this depressing video at your own risk.