'Let Me Take A #DickPic': The 'Selfie' Parody That Was Bound To Happen (Video)

I love the song "Selfie." As I've already discussed, it's a fantastic satire that has only been made funnier by its mainstream success.

This isn't the first parody of the parody, but it's one of the best that I've seen.

Zenn Films manages to perfectly capture the spirit of The Chainsmokers' original video, swapping out the seflie obsessed bathroom partner's for a pair of alpha bros looking to get it in (as well as filling the screen with plenty of censored celebrity dick pics after the beat drops).

The nightly agenda includes cocaine, manscaping and Botox for your balls, but none of those topics are as pressing as the dick pic. It's no "Selfie," but it's pretty damn close.

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