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Easy Ways To Make Quick Cash

At some point in our lives, we've all needed to make quick cash.

Maybe all your friends' birthdays are in the same month, and you need to buy five different presents.

Maybe you tried a new diet fad and spent your entire paycheck on groceries.

Maybe you decided to go on an insane shopping spree the day your direct deposit hit, and you can't wait until the next payday.

Or maybe, you have no idea where all your money went. But, you have to pay rent, and you're scrounging.

So instead of counting all the pennies in your jean pockets or internally debating in your head if you should call your mom and dad, we have some other solutions to help you make a quick buck.

If you live in a city, one way to make some easy cash is to be an extra on a set.

There are plenty of free casting sites that allow you to apply to be an extra.

Now, this set might not be a big, $500 million Hollywood movie, but a lot of student films or smaller productions do pay extras a small fee.

Also, it's super cool to be on a set, and you can be pretend to be a rock star for a day (even if that entails trying to look like a normal, everyday person in the background of a scene).

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Another idea is to rent your room out, Airbnb style.

I know people who have used this idea as their actual source of income when unemployed.

Sure, there are some crazy stories of guests overstaying their welcome, but for the most part, it works out. Just be careful and vet all of your potential roommates.

And if call else fails, you can always sell a kidney... just kidding.

For more ideas on how to make quick cash, watch the video above.