The King Of All Memes: The 50 Best Nicolas Cage Memes For His 50th Birthday

Today is a very special day in American history. No, it's not the day of a founding father's birth; no, it's not a national holiday. Today is the birthday of the heroic man who stole the Declaration Of Independence: Nicolas Cage.

Throughout the years, Nicolas Cage has made his way to the epicenter of Internet jokes, becoming one of the most mocked public figures ever to hit the web. For his 50th birthday, we figured, what better way to pay tribute to the greatest, worst actor of all time than by showcasing the best of these wonderful memes?

Let's take a look at some of the greatest roles Nic Cage has ever played:

When he led the Jews out of Egypt

When he was a killer doll

When his plane crash-landed on a mysterious island

When he was a wealthy newspaper publisher

When he sang "Mmm Bop"

When he was an Anti-Semite

When he was a total bust

When he gave you bullsh*t advice

When he was the King of Rock and Roll

When he did (or didn't) kill Tupac

When he created Mickey Mouse

When Michelangelo painted him

When he used to be James Bond

When he worked for Willy Wonka

When he hosted "Jeopardy"

When he played every student (and principal) at Bayside High

When he formed an all-male singing group for kids


When he exploded in the Gulf Coast

When he performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

When he was Dennis Rodman's best friend

When he worked every position at Dunder Mifflin

When he was half-man, half-fish

When he was the greatest white basketball player of all time

When he created the iPod

When he had the most viral dance song of the year

When he was the Dark Lord

When he sent out this awesome postcard

When he cooked meth

When he starred in the worst tween series of all time

When he was every Marvel superhero

When he had a crush on Ron Weasley

When he peed in a bucket

When he wouldn't let you pass

When he was pregnant

When he was the WWF champion

When he was the most awkward movie character of all time

When he discovered E=MC2

When all he wanted was peace and love

When all he REALLY wanted was peace and love

When he just wanted to go home

When he was a crazy stalker

When he was the most wanted terrorist in the world

When he told us to hide our kids and hide our wives

When he secretly loved Harry Potter's mother

When he secretly loved men God

When he was a badass princess

When he was an innocent girl, pre-twerk years

When he won the gold medal for Team Canada, ey!

When he was the best basketball player in the world

When he mysteriously lived in a tube and told the Power Rangers what to do

Happy Birthday, Nic! Here's to another 50 years of mediocre acting, ridiculous movie plot lines and Internet memes!

Images via Niccageaseverywhere