These Jokes About What Kimye Will Name Their New Baby Are Terrible


If you somehow missed last night's episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," The Famous One (Kim) announced she is expecting a second child with Kanye West -- meaning the world only has a few precious months to prepare for the arrival of the much anticipated sequel to North.

Because the story involves Kim and Kanye, the Internet immediately began to churn out a steady stream of reactions, and because the couple decided to name their first child after a direction, the vast majority involved jokes revolving around the new baby's prospective name.

If you haven't already taken to Twitter to offer up your own opinion, let me give you some advice: don't. There is no winning.

I love me some terrible puns as much as the next guy, but there are no winners here -- just terrible puns as far as the eye can see.

It appears a few people have realized "South" is the opposite of "North."

Others have realized that would mean she'd have the same name as an airline.

Even if it's not South, there are plenty of other compass points to pick from.

That's not even a real direction.

I'm not exactly shocked a dad made this joke.

That name might be worse than the movie itself. That's not easy to do.

Clever indeed.

Kanye would totally name his child after his favorite British pop duo from the 80s.

It's either that or the name of this "Batman" actor.

Or his favorite person in the world.