Kids Prank Dads On Father's Day By Giving Them Breakfast In The Shower (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel may be an entertainer by trade, but his real talent lies in something else entirely: pranking.

The talk show host regularly challenges viewers to participate in ridiculous pranks. He then selects videos to feature on both the popular late-night show and his YouTube channel.

For this year’s annual Father’s Day prank, Kimmel asked fans to serve their dads breakfast in the shower and film their reactions.

The video, posted to YouTube yesterday, highlights the most hilarious submissions from this year’s #YouTubeChallenge.

The five-minute montage is laugh-until-it-hurts funny -- the perfect antidote for a Tuesday morning.

Check it out up top, and visit the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" YouTube channel to see more of his pranks.