Kid Finds His Phone Case Isn't Hammer-Proof In The Hardest Way Possible (Video)

When you advertise your product as "(something)-proof," you have to know you're practically begging the universe to punish you for your hubris in some incredibly ironic way.

You'd think we would have finally learned this after the Titanic had a run-in with that iceberg, but apparently, people hate learning lessons from history.

However, anything claiming to be invulnerable to something is only asking to be put to the test, and while I understand the urge to verify the advertised sturdiness of whatever you spent your hard-earned money on, I'd argue it's foolish to shoot a padlock with a handgun just because it came with a sticker saying it'll still work.

On a related note, if you buy a "hammer-proof" phone case, you need to ask yourself two questions: Why would my phone ever get hit with a hammer, and should I hit my phone with a hammer?

The answer to both of those is "no." This is why.