This Kid Might Have Failed The True Or False Section Of His Test, But He Gave A Great Effort (Photo)

by Connor Toole

Everyone who has ever taken a test containing a true or false section has had to deal with a certain set of problems.

The biggest issue most people run into is how many times in a row you can answer "True" or "False" consecutively. Probability dictates you shouldn't have more than three or four of the same answers in a row, but true or false tests do not operate by logic. There are people out there who think it's acceptable to have every answer be the same, or worse: only having one answer be different.

The other big problem people seem to have is that they weren't prepared for the test in the first place. This is easier to prevent, but harder to deal with once you're actually sitting down and taking it. One optimistic student tried to get around this issue by creating an impressively ambiguous amalgamation of the words "true" and "false" in an attempt to con his teacher.

Unfortunately for the student, teachers have been there before. The key here is to only pick one question you definitely don't know and try this. If you do it on every single one, you're just asking for a red ink massacre.

Of course, this all goes out the window when your teacher is one of those people who makes you explain why the answer is false. When that happens, everything is true by default.

Photo Courtesy: Imgur