Teen Gives Amazing Interview With Toy Microphone After Throwing 'Project X' Party (Video)

by Connor Toole

A 19-year-old in Oregon who was arrested for trying to throw a massive bonfire party in the woods was asked to give his side of the story, and the resulting interview is one of the best things to ever be broadcasted on the local news.

Nat Gray (known on Twitter as BeerIsRad) was arrested on a variety of charges after police found him in the woods preparing for a birthday party dubbed "Project Nate" because originality is overrated.

However, he made up for his lack of creativity when he agreed to do an interview with a reporter as long as she allowed him to capture the encounter using  a brightly-colored tape recorder.

She did (the interview starts around the 1:25 mark), and the rest is history. Is this the best interview of all time? Not a chance. That title belongs to Corey Worthington and it will until the end of time. But Nat Gray is the next best thing.

Well. Ya win some, and ya lose some. Right? — Nat Gray (@beerisrad) April 12, 2014