This Kid Has No Idea What A Payphone Is And Now We Feel Really Old (Video)

This may come as a surprise to all of you, but kids haven't been alive for that long. I know, how weird? Some kids haven't even been around long enough to know what payphones are.

I can hear you guys shouting, "YOU LIE," at your computers.

No, I'm not lying, and please do not yell at me again. I don't yell at you.

The little person in this video is completely stumped by what a payphone's purpose could possibly be. Sadly, this would imply he's also never seen a home phone before because, after all, a payphone is just a landline outside.

Still not getting how this is possible?

OK, let me run through the experience this little person went through for you so you can better understand where he's coming from.

Mother, what is this peculiar artifact?

It might it be a relic of some long-lost civilization.

Or is it... some... ancient fossil?

When I put it to my ear, I hear a sort of digital weeping.

Mother, why does the ear-machine cry?

That's what happened. Now you understand.