Kid Dancing At A High School Basketball Game Absolutely Crushes It (Video)

While the action on the court is supposed to be the main draw when it comes to basketball games, it's far from the only form of entertainment available at the arena.

You might be perfectly content watching giant, sweaty people chase after a bouncy ball, but I personally enjoy some of the less appreciated aspects of games -- namely T-shirt cannons and people who dance like nobody's watching (even when thousands of people are).

I normally prefer those people to be 65-year-old men with potbellies and a penchant for ripping their shirts off in public, but the kid who was filmed getting down to "Happy" at a high school basketball tournament in Kentucky isn't a terrible alternative.

If you can't get enough of his flawless choreography, don't worry -- he also tore up the bleachers while "Shake It Off" was blaring on the sound system.

Rupp may have a new dancing guy. Kid brought the house down. — KentuckyBleacherButt (@KYBleacherButt) March 21, 2015

You can try to be cooler than he is, but you're probably not going to succeed.

Angie Holleran on YouTube

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