Instant Karma: Guy Gets Exactly What He Deserves After Kicking Cat (Video)

God is real.

As a child, I prayed before bed, begging God to bless me with less terrible Lego pieces. But as I grew up, I lost sight of Him. It happens to the best of us.

But, ladies and gentlemen, no matter how bad things get, God always graces us with reminders of his benevolence.

Basically, this guy, who wears sunglasses inside and who definitely plays "Wonderwall" at parties, decided he wanted to make a stupid little video of himself playing his guitar.

That's fine, I guess. But what isn't fine is when he snatches his cat off the chair and kicks him out of frame.

And I admit, witnessing the cruelty of man, I lost faith in the Lord.

But then, God reached down from Heaven and wrestled the gears of fate to His mighty will: He punished the sinner with a carefully placed pot, a staircase and a swift, running cat.

AKA: He got a potted plant smashed over his head.