Instant Karma: Guy Eats Sh*t After Laughing At His Dog Slipping On Ice (Video)

If you've ever doubted the existence of karma, this video should prove it actually is a real phenomenon.

While walking his dog in Brooklyn's McGolrick park, Dan Chamberlain noticed the pup was having trouble maintaining his balance due to the thin sheet of ice covering the ground.

Instead of helping the pooch out, Chamberlain takes out his camera, chuckling as he films the dog's struggles.

As he walks toward the pup, karma steps in, and Chamberlain himself falls flat on his ass.

Don't feel bad if you find his slip absolutely hilarious: Chamberlain himself laughs at the irony of the situation while sprawled out on the ice.

There are two lessons to take away from this. The first: Karma is very real.

And the second: Watching people fall never gets old.

Check out the funny footage up top.

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