Kanye West Got Caught Smiling Again, And He Wasn't Happy About It

By all accounts, Kanye West should be a very happy person.

On top of being a self-proclaimed visionary, he's sold millions of records, gets to smell Kim Kardashian's hair on a regular basis and somehow convinced the fashion world he belongs.

Despite the millions of reason (and by "reasons," I mean dollars) for Kanye to smile, it would appear Kanye somehow convinced himself smiling is a sign of weakness.

He tends to have one expression he turns to when he knows cameras are around:

I originally compiled those pictures after Kanye was briefly caught grinning at a Chicago Bulls game a month ago.

Kanye was in attendance at last night's NBA Finals game in Cleveland, and he slipped up yet again and accidentally showed the entire world he's capable of expressing emotions other than bitterness and apathy.

It was only a fleeting moment, but it's a moment we'll have forever.

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