This Singer Just Could Not Stop Falling Down During A Live Performance

This K-pop singer is all of us after Labor Day.

Either due to a slippery stage or an ice wizard cursing her shoes with complete lack of friction, Yuju, a member of the K-pop mega group GFriend, falls at least five times during one song at recent live performance.

Admittedly, this is pretty intricate choreography, and one other GFriend-er did fall during the performance, but based on the fact Yuju's the only member of the band wearing protective knee gear, I'm going to go ahead and guess Yuju isn't exactly known for soft feet and steadfast balance.

It's like some invisible janitor keeps mopping only the places where Yuju is standing.

Brush it off, Yuju. Tomorrow is anoth… Did Yuju just walk into a glass door and then fall into a random table full of pies by the door? Yeah?

OK. Well, Yuju, brush THAT off, too.

No! Someone get Yuju away from that heavy machinery and priceless vase collection!


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