Why 'K' Is Literally The Worst Text You Could Ever Receive (Video)

Let's be honest, we all over-analyze every text message we get. Whether it's how many "Ys," the punctuation or the use of emoji, we scrutinize every single text as if we're trying to solve the Da Vinci Code.

But of all the text messages, there is one single letter that drives us all bonkers: "k."

Is there anything worse in the technological universe than texting someone a long heartfelt message just to receive one letter in return? Not even OK. Just K. Come on, people!!

Introducing episode five of the third season of the Elite Daily hit series, “Generation whY.”

With a hilarious new cast of comedians, YouTubers and personalities along with all new topics, this is the most accurate dissection of many current trends and activities our generation indulges in.

There's only one letter needed to describe this week's episode... k.

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