Pics From Joe Biden And Mike Pence's Awkward Double Date Will Make You Cringe


Vice President Joe Biden is in an awkward position right now.

Before the election, after Donald Trump's infamous "grab her by the pussy" recording, Biden explained what Trump said and did "is a textbook definition of sexual assault," before going on to express his desire to literally beat him up:

The press always wishes, 'Do I wish I was debating him,' no I wish we were in high school and I could take him behind the gym.

And now Biden's been at the center of a new slew of memes.

The memes paint Biden as a trickster, willing to do anything to disrupt the transfer of power to two men he respects about as much as expired mayonnaise jar with an ant colony living in it.

These memes have been one of the only silver linings of this election:

I even tried my hand at the meme-ing:

Yes, I know, we can all agree: I am a genius.

But in the midst of all this, Biden has to actually do his job — a job that includes being photographed meeting with Mike Pence and his wife and looking "friendly."

The pictures are seriously cringeworthy.

Either I'm projecting, or Biden seems to be putting one percent effort into looking amiable.

Biden, at least verbally, was exceptionally well-behaved.

"I told Mike, the vice president-elect, that I am available to him 24/7," Biden explained to the press. "I plan on being available to Mike as senior staff for him as he moves."

But we know what he was thinking.

I mean, weeks before he talked about beating up Pence's running mate and now he has to be "chill."

So I decided to imagine what this unlikely group might be thinking and saying in these rigid and extremely awkward photographs.


Both Biden and President Obama have been cordial to the president and vice president-elect, but it's not hard to imagine, in these pictures, how Biden feels about Pence.

After all, Pence is a man whose primary goal in life really seems to be making the uteruses of every woman the sole property of the U.S. government.

Seriously, he's like two bills away from making women pay rent on their vaginal canals.

Biden don't go.

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